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12 Hour Concert And Then To Colorado!


Peter Mulvey just finished playing a 12 hour concert on the streets of Boston and then jumped on a plane for the Lamplighter series concerts here in Colorado.   What an incredible soul!  Too many of you are going to miss out on Friday's concert here at the house.  Come on, how often do you get to see 3 creative geniuses collaborate right in front of you?  Join us Friday night here at the house.   Click the link below for tickets!

Willy Porter THEN Christmas...


"Willy Porter is perhaps best known as a down tuned six string wonder, but as a singer and a writer, and as a showman, he merits equal regard."

And the six string wonder will return here in December to help us celebrate the closing days of the IndyGive! campaign.   The best quote I've ever seen about our friend Willy comes from Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull who said "Thank goodness he doesn't play the flute!" 

Willy needs little introduction to long time friends of FHC, but if you are not familiar with his work, please check out his videos here

Eilen Jewell Here Next Month


Eilen Jewell and her talented band will be joining us on November 20.   We've always loved having her here at the house and if you take a listen to this NPR interview with her, you'll get a feeling for what it's like to spend the evening with her. 

Crafting a unique style that mixes poetic ballads with swinging rockers, Eilen Jewell ranks among the best in the Americana genre today.  As the reigning Queen of the Minor Key, Jewell leads a tight quartet who blend influences of surf-noir, early blues, rockabilly, and 1960s era rock and roll. Over the course of a decade, Eilen and her band have toured relentlessly. They have performed for legions of fans from Boston to Boise and Madrid to Melbourne at festivals, theaters, rock clubs and coffeehouses. Eilen's fans marvel at her warmth, unique wit, and onstage humor alongside her beautiful songs and fiery performances.


Jewell's fifth studio album, Sundown Over Ghost Town was released May 26th (Signature Sounds). The album was recorded with Eilen's longtime road band in her hometown of Boise, and is composed of twelve stunning, original compositions that feature some of her most personal stories yet.  We hope you'll join us...

Lamplighter Sessions Live At FHC


...and we are 8 days away from the season opener in our newly renovated concert area!    We hope you will be able to join us for the Lamplighter sessions hosted by Peter Mulvey with Danielle Ate The Sandwich and John Statz.   It is your chance to get a first hand glimpse inside the creative genius of Peter Mulvey and friends.  

Peter has had a great run of press this year with even the LA Times writing about his inspirational "Take Down Your Flag".  This is going to be a magical evening on our beautiful new surroundings...  JOIN US!!

Click the Eventbrite link below and get your tickets today!

Welcoming the 2015-16 FHC Season

The concerts this year are going to be epic!  They are not ALL set in stone, but the season is shaping up very nicely.    After we open with Peter Mulvey and the Lamplighter Sessions, we will slip quickly in to a very busy November and December with several concerts to benefit Rocky Mountain Highway including Willy Porter and others yet to be named.  

After the first of the year, we will see Catie Curtis & Ellis Paul share the stage here in January and Steve Poltz should be here in February.   It's going to be a fun season - we hope to see you here each and every concert!

From Club Passim in Boston to FHC

Peter Mulvey has more than a decade of experience putting together a series of artist in the round concerts in Milwaukee and Boston.   He brings them to Colorado for the first time next month to open our next season at Friends House Concerts.    Join us for an evening of triple the music here up on the hill.   Peter has been busy as ever and made the Los Angeles Times this year.

Peter Mulvey will be joined by John Statz and Danielle Ate The Sandwich.   I am excited to see how these three interact on stage.   The sessions that I've been able to hear afford the audience a glimpse within the songwriting profession.   Somewhere out there is a recording of Willy Porter and Peter Mulvey in this same type of session - it was wonderful.   Please come join us for the season opener and check out the new digs!  

Upcoming At Friends House Concerts

We look forward to the start of our 15th season here at the house.   Hard to believe that it's been that long, but there you have it!   Tickets for Peter Mulvey and the Lamplighter Series are currently on sale at Eventbrite.   If you have any questions, please give us a shout at:  719-373-8879.

Lamplighter Sessions with Peter Mulvey
Date:  Friday, October 2, 2015
Time:  7:30 PM
Doors Open:  6:45 PM
Artist Donation:  $30

Eilen Jewell
Date:  Friday, November 20, 2015
Time:  7:30 PM
Doors Open:  6:45 PM
Artist Donation:  $25

Willy Porter
Date:  Thursday, December 10, 2015
Time:  7:30 PM
Doors Open:  6:45 PM
Artist Donation:  $30

Catie Curtis & Ellis Paul
Date:  Thursday, January 21, 2016
Time:  7:00 PM
Doors Open:  6:45 PM
Artist Donation:  $30

IndyGive! Class of 2015


Great news for fans of music in the Pikes Peak Region!   The PPCF and The Independent chose Rocky Mountain Highway, the organization that brings you MeadowGrass and Friends House Concerts, to be part of their 2015 IndyGive! class.   We will host several events to raise money for Rocky Mountain Highway during the IndyGive in November and December.    We hope to see you at one of them!

New Digs!

Friends!   The house is open!   We missed the ability to debut the kitchen to the Yaks last week, but the kitchen is open and ready for business for Friday's concert with Erika & Lisa.   We REALLY hope that you can join us up on the hill for the concert this Friday night.   The view is awesome from here...

Erika & Lisa Return to FHC


The tight harmonies and red hot guitar playing of Lisa & Erika will be back here for the first time in three years.  The duo has cut back significantly on touring these days, so we're just happy to have them here.   The best intro we can give is a look at this video.   Lisa's smooth jazzy voice blends incredibly with Erika's world inspired music for an unforgettable evening.  

Friday July 10th is going to be a very special evening as it combines the magic of music and Lucketts with the celebration of FINALLY getting a kitchen worthy of Marc's culinary skills.   Join us up on the hill for a summer evening that will linger pleasantly in your mind for years to come.

Erika Luckett & Lisa Ferraro
Date:  Friday, July 10, 2015
Time:   7:30 PM
Doors Open:  6:45 PM
Tickets:  $30
Click Eventbrite for Tickets  



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Did You Notice...


That big ball of yellow in the sky that cast shadows yesterday for the first time in what seemed forever?   Or the beautiful blue skies with puffy clouds up at La Foret yesterday?  OR the cover of the CS Independent yesterday heralding the main act tonight up at MeadowGrass Music Festival in Black Forest?!

Join us up in the pine forest and under the big yellow & white tent for a second day of roots and Americana music.    One of my favorite bands, HoneyHoney plays around dinner time this evening, just before Blue Rodeo takes the stage.  Celebrate the break in the weather outside and grab a Bristol beer or a gyro from Jake & Tellys or ribs from Front Range BBQ!    Life is too short to NOT stop & smell the roses  (or the pine trees) and listen to live music?!

MeadowGrass Is Here!


The 7th annual MeadowGrass Festival starts this Thursday Evening up at beautiful La Foret with a special concert for our volunteers.  The festival goes in to full swing Friday at noon.    23 bands, 3 days of music under 1 magnificent tent!  I hope to see MANY of you up there - one of my favorite bands, honeyhoney is playing Saturday evening.

We just wanted to let FHC folks in on a great deal.  Surprisingly there are still a handful of VIP tickets available.   This is a $150 upgrade that you buy over a normal weekend pass.   What you GET for that upgrade is pretty cool.   We have had magnificent support from our local businesses this year.  This year's VIP package includes:
  • VIP Parking - remember that on site parking is very limited this year
  • Daily meet & greets with some of our bands
  • A Sovereignty Wines & Mountain Pie CO hosted wine tasting
  • A 291, 3 Hundred Days and Callicrate Beef hosted whiskey tasting
  • A Bristol Beer & Radiantly Raw hosted paired beer & chocolate tasting
  • Private tent up near the stage
  • Private restroom facilities (who WOULDN'T want that?!)
  • Swag bag with a special edition Mountain Chalet / MeadowGrass waterbottle
  • Meal & Drink tokens
I hope to see you out there this weekend - it's going to be a blast!  Click here for tickets. 

I'm sure that I don't have to say this to the FHC crowd, but PLEASE support our awesome local businesses...   A big thanks for sponsoring our Green Room goes out to:

P.S. - Mountain Chalet, the venerable outdoor store downtown, has very friendly new owners with great plans for the future.   Stop by and say HI!

Addition to Peter Mulvey Show - Megan Burtt


The last show of this season may just be the best!

Peter just called to let us know that he will be joined by Megan Burtt.   I had heard good things about her, but never dug in to her music.   You DO NOT want to miss this concert.   She won Folks Fest & Kerrville back in 2011, played Red Rocks this last summer and is just making news everywhere she goes.

You know how much we value original songs, but this cover that I found Megan doing "I'll be seeing you" online might be just the right thing to wet the appetite. 

The scope of Peter's talents as a musician, collaborator and songwriter are singular.   He is arguably the most talented artist we've ever had through.  We heard effusive praise of Peter & Megan's showcases at Folk Alliance this year not from not fans, but from other artists.  With a nod to Maxine - here's a live version of "Shirt" from Peter's tour to The Netherlands last year. 

I can't believe that I'm going to be in Singapore as this pair of incredible singer / songwriters grace Friends House Concerts with their presence.    It will be a magical night up on the hill next Saturday.   Please come and join Marc n Peter n Megan?

Peter Mulvey
Date:  Saturday March 21, 2015
Time:  7:30 PM
Doors Open:  6:45 PM
Artist Donation:  $30
Eventbrite Tickets Here

Peter Mulvey in March


Gifted singer, songwriter Peter Mulvey will grace the FHC stage again in March.   The last two times he has been through town, he hasn't been here at the house and we welcome him back with arms wide open.  Peter's latest album, Siver Ladder was released last year to critical acclaim. 

As the Boston Globe says of Peter,
“Peter Mulvey is all substance, which is his style.”  Truer words were never spoken.   Join us in March for another intimate evening up on the hill with great music and good company.

The Lineup Is Out! MeadowGrass Tickets On Sale


The MeadowGrass 2015 Lineup came out last week!  It's going to be an incredible festival.   You can find instructions on the Rocky Mountain Highway website.  

Camping and parking were almost sold out when I left town on Thursday, so don't delay if you really wanted to experience the full festival.  A link to tickets is here

To those of you business owners among us - we are looking for sponsors for the festival.   We would be honored if you chose to sponsor this festival and took the chance to get your business out in front of thousands of other like minded concertgoers.   Please email if you have any questions about this opportunity! 

There may still be a couple of spots for volunteers, if you are interested please contact RMH at   Some volunteers are eligible for camping passes as well.   MAYBE even a private volunteers only concert.   You never know what's going to pop up at La Foret!

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